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A Magical Night of Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco!

I’ve been dreaming of watching a Cirque du Soleil show as early as high school when I saw a featured clip of one of their performances on TV.  Their first ever performance in the country was “Varekai”. It happened last year in a big top yellow and blue tent in front of the Quirino Grand Stand in Manila. Sadly, I was NOT able to watch. I knew about their show 3 days before their opening day through a friend.

I immediately logged on to the internet and looked for cheap plane tickets for me to go to Manila but there were none. The airfare ticket prices were very expensive that buying it will cost me almost half of my half-month salary. Adding the ticket price to it will leave me penniless for the next fifteen days. I was very frustrated. It was the talk of the town. Facebook and Twitter were filled with “Varekai” positive updates from the people who’ve seen the show. Most of them are celebrities that I follow in Twitter. SIGH!  For myself not to feel that way again, I promised myself to watch the next show should they decide to visit the country again.  I signed up for the Cirque Club on their website for me to get updates. After a few months, I received a newsletter telling me that the group will be in the country again. This time it’s going to be “Saltimbanco”. I was so excited. From that day on, I looked for updates via Facebook and Twitter from time to time. I found @SaltimbancoMNL and @HooplaOfficial in Twitter. I became more excited!

In December 2011, they announced their showdates. By February, I already have plane tickets for the show. At exactly one month before my target date to see the show, I bought my first ever Cirque du Soleil ticket. Woohoo!

After almost a year of planning, I will be able to finally watch a Cirque du Soleil live show – Saltimbanco! The only change this year, aside from the show’s theme of course, is the venue. It’s not going to be in a big top yellow and blue tent. It’s going to be in an arena – The Mall of Asia Arena, which was inaugurated 2 months before the show.

Three, two, one week before the show I cannot almost sleep because of my excitement to watch the show for the very first time.

August 18, 2012 is “the day”, I flew to Manila after my shift to watch the show eight o’clock in the evening that day. I tried to rest in the hotel but was not able to because of my excitement to see the show.

Come six o’clock, I left my hotel and decided to eat dinner in my favorite resto – Chef D’Angelo, same location as the arena where the show will be held. Seven thirty, I walked my way to the venue. I passed by the artist’s entrance and saw some of the performers talking and smoking! I tried to convince myself to have a picture with them but I decided not to! Damn I should have! I walked straight to the entrance.

When I entered the arena, the ticket person informed me that I just got a free seat upgrade. From a GA tix to a Lower Box tix! Woohoo!

The show started at exactly eight o’clock. It started by an announcement on the house rules in Filipino by a French lady! The people, including myself, was amazed by her delivery and of course her accent. After the announcement, the show started. It started with a short funny skit by The Ringmaster and The Dreamer. Then there was a parade of the Worms and the Cavaliers with the live vocal performance of the La Belle in the background.

The Ringmaster

The Dreamer

The Child

The Baron

La BelleFabulous Voice!

The Worms

The Cavaliers

The Baroques – the crowd

Next, the Saltimbanco acts were performed in the order below:

The Adagio

The Chinese Poles


The Boleadoras –Amazing!

The Russian Swing – Breath taking!

The Duo Trapeze

Hand to Hand – A sure act of strength

The Bungees – Gracefully done

Also, there were a couple of performances by Eddie with the participation from the audience and a lot more!

EddieDarling of the crowd and he does his own sound effects!

The show lasted for over 2 hours with a 20-minute intermission in-between for people to buy food or for their bio-breaks.

Overall, I was in awe. I love their costumes, their acts and the characters presented in the show. I cannot count the number of times when I shook my head with disbelief that I really am watching Cirque du Soleil. The show that I thought will only be watched in Canada, Las Vegas or in New York. That was 2 hours of fun, gasp and phew!

A friend of mine, who watched the show twice, informed me that she was able to talk to one of the local staff members and she was informed that they will be showing “Alegria” in 2013. Until then!

This was me after the show 🙂

Me before the show outside the arena

All photos were taken from their website since people are not allowed to take pictures during the show:


iOS vs Android: Which is which?


I was able to experience iOS 5 when I bought my first ever iPhone, the iPhone 4S. I am happy that I was finally able to try a new mobile OS but after using it for quite some time, I have encountered “challenges” that will not allow me to fully enjoy the full features of my phone. I have listed some below:

–          Not to be able to open/share/download music files to my phone (I will have to load music files through  iTunes using my notebook)

–          With limited access to most websites due to the absence of the Adobe Flash support (Will prompt you to download Adobe Flash even though the OS will not allow you)

–          Will not be able to share media content through Bluetooth (Bluetooth can only be used with your Bluetooth headset which is not part of the package when you buy an iPhone – useless I might say! )


With the challenges that I mentioned above, I decided to switch. I bought a Motorola Fire XT to experience the other mobile platform, Android. My new phone is running Gingerbread. The most stable version of Android based on online reviews. I have been using the phone for about 2 months now and I can say that I am happier with it! Android was able to cover all of the iOS limitations I mentioned above.

My only concern right now is that I am not able to install all of the great applications that I want in my phone because of a limited user available internal memory but that is a not an OS issue. It’s my phone’s. LOL

(For Android, the performance of the platform will depend on the mobile device used. High end phones better platform performance.)

For in-depth comparison, you may click on the link below:

Instagram: We’re Worth a Billion Dollars

Instagram, my favorite photo-sharing iOS app after Facebook and Twitter, is now owned by guess who—Facebook! For $1,000,000,000.

After its announcement yesterday, people started to question what will happen next to this number one photo-sharing app. Will the logo change? Will there be an onsite Instagram app with Facebook? These are just some of the questions asked by people when I read tweets about the sale yesterday. Some are happy some are not I think those are just normal reactions from people for almost anything. Same thing happened when  Facebook decided to put Timelines as the only format for their user’s pages.

For sure there will be changes in the coming days but my “billion dollar” question is: What’s in store for the Instagram users after the sale? Oh well, we’ll know about that soon…

Instagram Overview:

Here are some of my sample shots:


Draw Something: The New Angry Birds?

Draw Something: The New Angry Birds?

It’s official. I’m addicted to this game aside from Temple Run and Smurfs Village. I’m not really into mobile games but this newest iOS game that I was able to download for free via the Apple Store is pretty exciting. I call it the “Pringles Game” when I first played it. I just can’t stop! Haha

To those who haven’t played this cool game yet, it’s like “Pictionary” wherein you get to draw an item and you let one of your Facebook friends guess it. For every Turn, you’ll have three options which picture to draw depending on the intricacy of the item that needs to be drawn. Easy will give you and your friend 1 coin. Medium will earn you 2 and Hard will earn you 3.

Your earned coins may be used to purchase additional color sets at 249 coins/set. You will also have the option to purchase Bombs for as low as 400. Bombs are your “Call a Friend” Draw Something Edition. With them you will be able to guess some of the words easily. It will remove some of the letters that is not in the item drawn. You have to be careful in guessing though because a single mistake will move you back to Turn 1 whether your at Turn 60. So be more precise in drawing those pictures!

Draw Something is an app created  by OMGPOP.

Magnum – A delicious treat from Down Under?


Nah, as per Wikipedia, the original Magnum was made by Frisko in Aarhus, Denmark. This is the latest craze in the Philippines today.

I tried this three days after it was launched and I was NOT disappointed. The first one I’ve tried was the almond variety. I liked it and the next day I bought another one. I swear I can eat three of these. LOL.

What I love most in this frozen treat is the “thick” Belgian chocolate coating. Some people say that they got disappointed with the vanillaice cream inside but for me, its fine. If the vanilla ice cream inside is too “vanilla-ish”, I think that’ll make Magnum an overly flavored frozen treat!

Magnum comes in these delicious flavors:

  1. Classic Vanilla
  2. Classic Chocolate
  3. Almond
  4. Chocolate Truffle

So far my favorite is the almond variety. I have yet to try Chocolate Truffle. I can’t wait! 🙂

If you want to learn more about Magnum, you may visit its website:

Photo taken by my 4S.


Les Miserables, Cebu Production

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Watched this play Sunday, March 18, 2012.


The voice of the cast members are amazing. Oh well, it’s Cebu. Home of the best singers in the country. That’s one of the reasons why I’m confident to watch the show for P300.00.

I was most amazed by the performance of the Eponine, young Cosette and Gavroche (I don’t know their names. I don’t have a copy of the show’s program).

I can’t wait to watch another Cre8tive Thespians’ performance.


There were minor glitches on the actor’s audio. I know it happens on a live performance but if they can check their tools thrice before their performance that’ll make their show almost perfect.



Some of the photos were provided by MJ Gastador. A big thanks to you!

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